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Right2Water, Apollo House, Fake News & the coming socialist utopia

In the last few months no fewer than two multiple property owners have deigned to lecture me on the evils of homelessness in Irish society.As a person of no property, I was bemused by their hypocrisy, and explained, yes, of course, when property is the main measure of western society's personal wealth, and that wealth is deeply unevenly spread, of course, we shall have those who fall through the large gaps in the net, and find themselves without a roof over our head.

How anybody in their right mind thought Apollo House, an ugly office, long since disused , was ideal for housing many of the victims of the housing mess in Ireland, was beyond me.Also, how did they get in?How was electricity connected for squatters using a building they don't own?I spent a bit of time working on a business expansion project a few years ago and our biggest problem was gaining physical access to buildings, even after leases were signed.Somebody on the "inside" facilitated this for Apollo…