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Women in tech: lessons from other sectors

I went along to a bunch of women entrepreneur events in the summer, when I was out of work, to both kill time, meet new people and potentially help my own career.(I pretty much had a lingering job offer that took a few weeks to formalise, which I ended up taking in any case, which I hope to be made permanent in come the new year).Anyway, in terms of the kinds of businesses I saw pushed, I was very surprised to find myself as absolutely the only woman in a technical field, in fact aside from a couple of marketers and an accountant, the ONLY woman to not be involved in a stereotypical woman's business.

The most common business was beauty, nobody, not a soul, represented sectors such as industrial, engineering, construction or even less "male" sectors such as law.There was one accountant.Just one.Nobody in IT aside from myself.While I am inclined to agree with much of what Cindy Gallop says about female start-ups in tech being denied funding, I'm also inclined to wonde…