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Fit Food from Dublin Meat Company: A quick review

I heard that Dublin Meat Company, a large butcher located a short walk from home was now doing healthy meals for those of us who like working out, and watch what we eat, so I decided to drop by and try out some of their ready to go meals.

Unlike the mass-produced rubbish sold in bulk under brands such as WeightGainers and UniFat, the Fit Foot range is carefully curated to suit the eating habits of active people.  In other words, its focused on good quality proteins, vegetables, healthy fats etc.  A number of other butchers have paired up with Butchers to help put together good quick meals to go for customers, who spend so much time in the gym there isn't a lot of time to cook.

From what I could see a lot of the range was already semi if not fully cooked, though the instructions mostly seemed to include both oven and microwave instructions.  With a full dish taking 25 minutes in the oven, this isn't too bad.  Date ranges were decent enough.  I bought at the weekend and everythi…