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Music education: stifling creativity or generating inclusion?

I read through Charlotte Gill's piece on the problem of learners of music struggling with notation and an appeal to perhaps try to find different ways to cater for those who just cannot get along with notation, thought, "yes, she has a point there", and moved on.Then a few weeks later, I spotted online that no fewer than 600 (600! WHEN do 600 people sign a letter to a newspaper) and saw some of the comments, and realised that Ms Gill had unwittingly released a rage amongst music educators.I was surprised to see this, because as somebody who worked in music education from the age of 18, until I was about 29, and saw at first hand the conflict between musical capability and notational literacy, I agreed that there was a problem that isn't just mitigated by "more money" or "more formal music education."

It also comes from my experience conducting choirs.It was a feature of the job that a very good singer would sometimes resolutely have given up on tr…