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Hysterectomy & the Eighth Amendment

Some time ago I found out, as I had suspected, that a cure to a rake of health issues that have been bothering me for a few years would be a hysterectomy.  Unfortunately, due to the cause (what turned out to be a 5kg, 28cm rugby ball sized uterine fibroid) the options were limited.  According to my Gynaecologist, a fibroid (that he guessed was at least 20-25cm) had only a 50% chance of being shrunk by 50%, which would make anything less than an abdominal operation difficult, and at my age 45, the uterus had probably (correctly) already served its purpose (i.e. in my case, nothing).

Ireland is not a stone age country, and despite what you might hear in the press, women's opinions are not entirely ignored in the area of reproductive medicine.  I do respect, however, that in the area of pregnancy, the presence of the 8th amendment brings the constitution into the consulting room, where really, it has little useful presence.  In my youth I felt this was no big deal, in my older and ho…