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Hot Bed stickiness!

Another issue I occasionally come across in a large 3d print is the print suddenly losing grip and being swept off the bed by a quick moving delta head.

There are a number of reasons why prints don't "stick".

The first is simply the head not being level or z-axis wrong height, usually after changing a nozzle or hot end.  Do this before any print.  Also watch out to make sure any bed change is even.  My delta is setup to do a "4 point" test, which means it checks the center, x, y and z axis. But if I've stuck a smaller blue 3m paper sticker (see later) the surface isn't even at the edges, so I allow a couple of mm extra for "give."

Blue paper is generally good for adherence on a bigger item, however, you need to cover the whole surface for a full print. Its expensive, so other options might be attractive.

Get a surface "sticker" for the hot bed.  Mine ended up wrecked after one of my axes slipped due to a loose screw, and the nozzle g…

Fixing a blocked PFTE Tube [3d printing for total and utter idiots]

I recently built a clone Delta 3D printer, and after a couple of weeks of grief, fixed 95% of the problems (just a hot end fan that suddenly stopped running last week to fix), but ran into serious issues when my hot end became completely clogged.

So many learning issues here, but just a quick few.

Firstly, the fan problem probably caused this.  Because the "cold part" of the hot end basically feeds in the filament, it shouldn't get too hot. Because it is only less than 2mm, its very easy to melt filament from an uncooled hot end and block other parts.  The difficulty in unclogging this is that it is actually quite difficult to replicate overheating!  (This sounds surprising, but it takes some hours of use for the hot end even without fan, to reach sufficient heat to start melting filament.  My workaround for the moment (I suspect the issue is a mosfet blown or connection to pin loose on the motherboard) will be to attach a small device such as Arduino or Pi Zero to the f…