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The Brave new world of COVID19

Like a lot of people I've been working from home since early March. In fact, because the company I work for is Swiss, and because they also have a significant presence in Hong Kong, my employer was wised up to this long before most, so we were sent into social distancing mode back in early March, something many found bewildering. Initially we were told not to intermingle in any of the other 5 or 6 offices in our country, so some were quite annoyed to find themselves barred from the company canteen in the other office around the corner. By the 2nd week of March this had extended to splitting the office into 2 and only 1 group coming to work. By 12th March, we were already about 5 people to a huge room about the size of an average house, and were told the office was closing for us. Everyone in my part of the organisation has a laptop and VPN setup - so we were all sent home indefnitely, but working, on full pay, we got our bonuses in April and the company quietly held its AGM behind…