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Tourism as if people mattered

Of all the sectors to be impacted by the Covid19 pandemic, tourism has to be the worst.  Cruise ships have been grounded, and in the worst cases, left stranded at seat as public health directives prevented docking at terminals, airlines are running at a tiny fraction of capacity, the business infrastructures that service both reeling from the collision with public health needs. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, AirBNB and pubs in almost all cases have been forced to shut their doors.  Cafes and restaurants mostly the same. Sports stadiums, with seasons stopped before their end of year finals, lie quiet.

There have, of course been silver linings. Some hotels have been repurposed as social distancing friendly accomodation centers for vulnerable populations like homeless people and asylum seekers, though not always with greetings of approval from a cynical public.  Sports centres like Croke Park became, for a while, part of an extensive service of public health testing for the virus.  Local clu…